Mazzulla Offroad is an after market off-road suspension and accessory manufacturer, we produce parts that are installed on factory oem designed applications that were never expected to meet the high demands of off-road conditions. The constant variables in environment or off-road terrain are not manageable by the oem or aftermarket parts. The factory and aftermarket parts will become worn out due to harsh conditions and will need to be maintained frequently. The risk and responsibility for the safety of the driver and occupants will solely be held at the vehicle owners responsibility. The installation of Mazzulla Offroad parts and accessories will need to be performed by a professional. Without proper installation techniques, the parts can fail and cause damage or harm to the vehicle and occupants. Do not purchase or install any Mazzulla Offroad products unless you completely understand these conditions. Mazzulla Offroad suspension systems are designed for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. This suspension system is not to be modified from its original design in any way. Mazzulla Offroad is not liable nor held responsible for any injury’s or death that can occur from off-road use or as the result of product failure. Customer/driver assumes all liability in assuring that the suspension system is properly installed, maintained, and operating in safe conditions. The following are guidelines for maintaining a safe operating vehicle. Safety and reliability are our number one concern. Visually inspect all equipment for clearance and unusual wear. Regularly clean and inspect equipment such as suspension components, heim joints, bushings and all hardware. Replace items as necessary. All suspension components are available for individual replacement direct from Mazzulla Offroad. We strongly recommend the suspension system be installed by an authorized installation center. Mazzulla Offroad reserves the right to warranty any components that we have determined to be product or material defective. Off-road abuse can damage suspension components. After every installation we recommend checking the torque of all nuts and bolts to assure that the torque has taken after driving 500 miles. Some minor adjustments may need to be made.

Safety Warning: Suspension systems or components that enhance the on and off-road performance of your vehicle may cause it to handle differently than it did from the factory. Extreme care must be used to prevent loss of control or vehicle rollover during abrupt maneuvers. Always operate your vehicle at reduced speeds to ensure your ability to control your vehicle under all driving conditions. Failure to drive safely may result in serious injury or death to driver and passengers. Driver and passengers must always wear your seat belts, avoid quick sharp turns and other sudden maneuvers. Mazzulla Offroad does not recommend the combined use of suspension lifts, body lifts, or other lifting devices. You should never operate your vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Constant maintenance is required to keep your vehicle safe. Thoroughly inspect your vehicle before and after every off-road use.